For many years, CoE Group has promoted sustainable development by offering responsible expert services for the needs of renewable energy production. In addition to their service offering and customer projects, CoE Group continuously makes choices in their internal operations that advance sustainable development. The choices also have to do with environmental responsibility related to working practices: CoE Group offers employees bicycle benefits as well as Epassi Flex benefits, which include the use of public transportation in commuting.

One of the concrete sustainability measures is the modern work arrangement of CoE Group’s Southern Finland’s business unit. The unit does not have an office space, but instead uses the office hotel VALO Hotel & Work, located in the Ruskeasuo area in Helsinki, as their daily workspace. VALO’s Work concept consists of various modifiable co-working spaces as well as hotel rooms that turn into cozy offices during the day. According to Mikko Lindström, CoE Group’s Business Unit Director, the unit originally chose the solution for its flexibility and environment-friendliness.

“For us, this is a matter of sustainability. We do a lot of our work at our customers’ locations. On top of that, different forms of hybrid work are becoming more and more popular. It would not be smart for us to rent our own, heated and maintained office spaces that would not be used to their full potential. There are also excellent transport links from VALO, making it possible for us to use public transport.”

Work arrangement supports workplace well-being

In addition to environment-related responsibility, the innovative working arrangement also promotes responsibility related to workplace well-being. By choosing the office hotel arrangement, employers ensure that activities that maintain work ability are close by and available for their employees. At VALO, work days feature access to a wellness area, including a sauna, a gym and various pools. Hence, employees can work out or take a dip in a jacuzzi during their work day.

“Here at VALO, our Work customer companies represent several different fields and size ranges. However, they have one thing in common: a certain modern outlook on work life and the possibilities it holds, as well as the desire to work in the most sustainable, efficient way”, says Joel Hirviniemi, Marketing Manager at VALO Hotel & Work.

Customer’s carbon footprint only 2,95 kg a year

According to Hirviniemi, the core theme behind VALO’s concept is the following: to minimize transitions between hotels and office spaces, as well as to utilize buildings in a more versatile, comprehensive way. VALO Hotel & Work’s extensive sustainability actions, the essence of their operations, is visible in the carbon footprint of their customers. In 2022, the carbon footprint was merely 2,95 kg per customer.

At VALO, working and staying are powered by green electricity only. Energy and water consumption are limited with several means. The hotel uses locally produced, environment-friendly toiletries. Customers work and sleep in furniture made of materials with low carbon footprints and that are mainly locally produced. Lunch is served at the hotel restaurant that favors organic production.

“Through our choices, we have incorporated sustainability into our customers’ daily activities.”

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