Electrical and Automation Engineering Expertise

Electrical and automation engineering

We perform electrical engineering for different industrial sectors, such as paper and pulp, substations, manufacturing and maritime.

We design low-voltage systems under 1000 V, medium-voltage systems under 66 kV, and high-voltage systems over 66 kV. In our design, we define the components and their functions in the electrical system. The design covers electrical systems where wiring, connections, and electrical devices function safely. With the aim of safeguarding the electrical system from overvoltage and damage, our expertise also includes the engineering of relay protections, as well as reviewing the protective requirements for the relays’ function.

In automation engineering, we provide software design for programmable logic controllers, power plant and process automation, as well as automation engineering for engine manufacturing and power plants. In addition, we perform control room design.

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Instrumentation engineering is part of our engineering services. It includes electrical engineering for valves, sensors, and measurement points in facilities such as power plants. Our engineering expertise also covers industrial building electrical and lighting design, including electrical design for production facilities.

Electrical grid expert services, such as simulation and calculation services for electrical grids as well as the processes and simulations regarding grid code specifications for power generating facilities, are provided by skilled professionals using up-to-date simulation software.

Our engineering expertise:

  • Electrical engineering for various industrial sectors
  • Relay protection engineering
  • Reviewing the protective requirements for relays’ function
  • Automation engineering
  • Instrumentation engineering
  • Industrial building electrical and lighting design
  • Expert services for electrical grids
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