CoE Group’s story began with engineers and expertise. The company has grown because the right people and the right tasks have been brought together – at the right time.

The ability to listen and understand has been the starting point for everything. After that, it was time to work. Fundamental things have been completed thoroughly, solutions have been found and development leaps have been taken.

CoE has gathered a strong team where people who are able to be exactly who they are, are at the core. Every expert has their own special skill and the desire to do things that make a difference.

Growth has been achieved through acting with determination, but the focus has remained on people and their abilities.

Let’s focus on actions. Serve with genuine passion. Enjoy what we do.

CoE Group - Smart Partner in Engineering

CoE Group is a growing Finnish engineering and consulting company that pays special attention to customer care. We offer expert services particularly for the needs of energy industry and machine and product industry. We embody the peak of Finnish technological expertise. We value the well-being and development of our work community.

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