Production Automation

We design and deliver automation systems for various industrial needs. Our design can be used in assembly, material handling, packaging, testing, stacking, inspections (machine vision) and sorting.

Our production automation services cover all the phases of the entire process, from preliminary design to product manufacturing, delivery, and commissioning.

Investment phase:

To find the most functional solution, we first carry out a preliminary design phase in collaboration with the customer, where the system is defined according to goals and requirements. As the preliminary design progresses, we can simulate the designed system in a robot studio, ensuring the system functions as expected. To ensure the desired functionality, the system is reviewed with the customer. The customer can use the result of the preliminary design as a budget for the investment plan with sufficient accuracy.

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Detail engineering phase:

We design the layout of the equipment, the frame structures of machines and devices as well as perform electrical design and possible pneumatic and hydraulic design. We carry out PLC programming, robot programming, interface design, servo programming, testing and commissioning.

Our project management reports to the customer at agreed intervals on the progress and the schedule of the project. If necessary, any products with long delivery times are identified and ordered during the planning phase.

Procurement and production phase:

We can operate on behalf of the customer in the procurement and production of products. We collaborate extensively with leading industry players, such as with the collaborative robot supplier ABB Robotics.

We have our own production facilities where we manufacture production automation system subassemblies and test the compatibility of devices ourselves. Our in-house testing and quality control ensure the delivery of functional solutions to the customer’s production facilities.

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Our services include:

  • Robot studio simulations
  • Budget for investment planning
  • Production system electrical engineering
  • Production system mechanical engineering
  • Production system HMI engineering
  • Production system component validation
  • Production system testing
  • Production system commissioning
  • Production system trainings
  • Troubleshooting for different production systems
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