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CoE Group is a rapidly growing Finnish engineering and consulting company. We offer expert services related to electrical and automation engineering as well as machine and product engineering for the needs of renewable energy and the manufacturing industry. Our company employs over 140 people and has offices in 10 different locations. Our customer base includes large companies from different industries as well as growing businesses interested in modern solutions.

“The ones that want to quickly develop in their field enjoy working with us”

Do you want to be part of a growing business where you get to do the very things you are skilled in and passionate about? Do you want your work to be truly meaningful to yourself, to your customers and to your work community? If so, we welcome you to join CoE Group – with us, you will see great examples of what you can also become a professional in!

Projects, customers and people from different industries

We offer our experts a work community where they can choose from a range of projects and tasks. Through our customers, our employees get to be a part of projects in different fields, located in Finland or in different parts of the world. Through our career paths, our experts grow rapidly. We provide opportunities to apply expertise in different fields and diverse projects based on one’s skills, development readiness and enthusiasm. We also understand if a particular project or field isn’t the right fit – in such cases, we sit down and consider the next alternative.

We give everyone the chance to succeed!

We offer job tasks for seasoned professionals and those at the beginning of their careers. We are interested to learn about your interest in specific areas and the values that define your work and goals. If you’re an experienced professional, the company provides an opportunity for you to learn something new – making a career jump to another industry is more than possible with us.

Our immediate supervisors regularly support you throughout your career path and whenever you feel you need assistance. For technical challenges, you have the entire company’s staff at your disposal – in our daily operations, we act openly and courteously, giving everyone the chance to succeed!

Education, salary, and job titles

Our experts typically have an engineering or other technical field education. We can offer jobs to individuals with extensive practical knowledge in technology or renewable energy. Most individuals working with us are either Project Engineers or Project Managers.

We offer all employees an indefinite employment contract and a monthly salary. Our employment benefits are comprehensive: in addition to salary, we provide employees with Epassi and bicycle benefits as well as extensive occupational healthcare.

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