Co-Engineering is now CoE Group – a renewed brand and a freshly launched website!

For Co-Engineering, the year 2024 begins with significant changes. Starting from January 1st, the company is known as CoE Group, and its freshly launched website is now live. Behind the visible changes lies a comprehensive rebranding that was completed in the latter part of 2023.

The spark for the rebranding was ignited by a growth strategy developed in 2022, which relied on initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions. In the spring of 2022, growth partner Juuri Partners became a minority owner in the company. Between 2022 and 2023, CoE Group also strengthened itself through acquisitions: in the fall of 2022, the company acquired the entire share capital of Anteplan. In December 2023, Kotka Automation became part of the organization. The acquisitions have increased the company’s resources and service offerings, prompting the need for rebranding and a new website.

“Renewable energy is and will continue to be an increasingly significant part of CoE Group’s operations. We will be undertaking more projects in the realm of the green transition, and we aim to grow and evolve in this field. We wanted the entire brand of the company to reflect this both internally and externally,” says Communications Manager Riikka Hokkanen.

Renewable energy has been incorporated into the visual appearance of the website and brand through the use of green color as well as through a fresh, airy design. The new website is not only more modern in design but also clearer and more functional – unnecessary content has been trimmed, making it easier to find the needed information.

“Clarity was our top priority.”

The new brand reflects the core areas of operation

While the fresh website reflects CoE Group’s brand to the outside, internal branding work has clarified the company’s identity into an easily understandable and communicative form. When aspects such as the company’s roots, values, goals, and operating principles are clear to everyone, they serve as a guiding thread in the company’s daily activities. Hokkanen highlights the flexibility in customer work and a genuine desire to take care of employees as particular aspects of the company’s operations.

“Recruitment is a significant focus area for us this year as well, so our brand and operations need to support that. We want to take care of our employees and ensure that this is truly a great place to work. Now, our brand reflects this and other core areas of our operations even better.”

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