William Rönnqvist’s Rapid Rise at CoE Group

Starting his career amidst unexpected challenges, William Rönnqvist turned potential setbacks into steppingstones at CoE Group. His involvement in rebuilding a production line opened doors to new opportunities and responsibilities.

From Academic Project to Industry Innovation

Graduating in spring 2022 from Novia University of Applied Sciences, Rönnqvist’s academic project at Novafloor Oy was initially meant to focus on optimization. However, an unexpected event—a fire—shifted the trajectory of his early career. The fire necessitated a complete renewal of Novafloor’s production line, a challenge that led Rönnqvist to collaborate with CoE Group, marking a pivotal turn in his professional life.

Rönnqvists’s involvement in designing the new production line showcased his capability to handle adversity and innovate under pressure. This experience proved to be a cornerstone for his career – Rönnqvist was recruited by CoE Group, where he began to truly refine his skills in mechanical engineering, particularly in automation.

Building Success Through Teamwork and Trust

As a mechanical designer at CoE Group, Rönnqvist primarily works with his automation team, dealing with both local and international clients. What stands out in Rönnqvist’s career at CoE Group is not just the technical skills that he has developed but also the trust bestowed upon him. His superiors have been clear, honest, and straightforward, fostering an atmosphere that prioritizes the well-being of its employees.

“From the beginning, I was actively involved in design discussions, and my ideas and my creativity were always taken seriously.  This enabled me to feel like a vital part of the team from the outset. Of course, this inclusivity and responsibility have not only shaped my professional abilities but also my personal investment in my projects”, Rönnqvist says.

Broadening Horizons through Flexible Work Practices

Flexibility in his work environment is something Rönnqvist values greatly. He finds that having control over his schedule, as long as it aligns with his team’s dynamics, enhances his productivity and satisfaction with his work.

His experiences over the past two years at CoE have provided him with a diverse range of challenging assignments that have broadened his expertise uncommonly early in his career. His journey reflects a unique blend of engineering prowess and collaborative success. Looking ahead, Rönnqvist dreams of contributing to product development, possibly in the vehicle or transportation sector.

“The foundation that I now have prepares me for more specialized roles in the future, and it also opens doors to various opportunities in the engineering field. Being a part of complete project cycles from concept planning to final installation, and seeing my own designs come to life, has been extremely valuable for a young engineer like me,” Rönnqvist concludes.