Mikko Lindström is Co-Engineering’s New Southern Finland Business Unit Director: “We Aim for Considerable Growth”

On March 13th, Mikko Lindström started as Co-Engineering’s Southern Finland Business Unit Director. In his role, Lindström will lead Co-Engineering’s growing Southern Finland team and be responsible for the region’s business operations. Co-Engineering’s growth potential is one of the reasons that attracted Lindström to the company.

“We have only scratched the surface but already noticed that there is a demand in Southern Finland for the outsourced design expertise that Co-Engineering offers. We aim for considerable growth both within our unit and on the company level. Our goal is to double Co-Engineering’s number of employees. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area plays an important role in this, particularly from the perspective of organic growth.”

A Strong Background in Recruitment Gives New Perspective to Processes

Lindström, Bachelor of Engineering in Electrics and Telecommunications, moved to Co-Engineering from Etteplan, where he first worked as Team Leader, then as Head of Department, Unit Director and finally as Vice President. At Etteplan, Lindström built an organization of over 100 employees. He also worked as a consultant for 1.5 years in the beginning of his career at Etteplan.

“I have gained valuable experience in design outsourcing and consulting for industrial clients. Now at Co-Engineering, I can apply my expertise to slightly different fields of business and design. It has been great to work in the field of renewable energy. That is also one of the reasons that attracted me to Co-Engineering.”

Lindström, who built a strong team at Etteplan, now brings his recruitment expertise to Co-Engineering. Building teams requires hard work, as well as thinking and organizing skills. In his new role, Lindström will be able to affect Co-Engineering’s processes and bring new insights based on his strong experience.

“Co-Engineering is a design agency where people provide the service. Finding suitable professionals and being able to hold onto them is important. It is also crucial to have an understanding of the type of people that are suitable as consultants. In the consulting world, technical expertise may not be enough. Consultants also have to have good interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to handle pressure and to adapt to changes.”

Designers Have Influence on Their Own Job Descriptions

When strengthening operations in Southern Finland, Lindström plans to emphasize the influence that designers have on shaping their own job descriptions. At Co-Engineering, designers’ own interests are taken into account. Efforts are made to find projects in which designers can work with matters that are meaningful and interesting to them. A matter like this can be, for example, renewable energy.

“Emphasizing the designers’ own influence will be part of our operations next year. I feel that we stand out in this regard compared to other employers in the industry.”

In addition to growth, Lindström sees new opportunities in Co-Engineering’s future. Co-Engineering is increasingly gaining ground as a provider of services related to planning, expertise and commissioning in the solar and wind power sectors. “The energy sector is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to renewable energy sources. It is important to be a part of future developments and to continue offering our customers the services that best serve their needs.”